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Gearing up for Fall in NOLA!! Yay!!!

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

I am gearing up for Fall/Winter 2008 with new designs.  I plan to have my 2008 NOLA Christmas ornaments for sale this coming weekend at the Arts Market of New Orleans. Each year my ornaments tend to sell out, so buy early!!  We will be out at Palmer Park all day from 10-4pm, so please come and say HELLO!  We will have the ornaments for sale online for the first week of October. 

Lastly, please remember the people of Lafitte and Terrebone, Louisiana.  They were flooded by the recent hurricanes worse than we could have ever imagined.  Terrebone took a double hit, as it was flooded by Gustave only the week before Ike.  New Orleanians know their pain better than anyone else.  Please take a moment to make a donation to Helping Hands.  They are going to Lafitte and helping to gut homes.  The first step to getting Lafitte back to normal again.

Heather Elizabeth

We are safe and sound in NOLA. Ike is going elsewhere.

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Thanks to everyone who has sent up prayers for the state of Louisiana and the city of New Orleans.  We simply could not have handled another hurricane after Gustave.  And, certainly not a Cat 3.  Gustave did some major damage to our levee walls in 29 areas and they are being repaired now.  This repair work is not connected to the Katrina work still underway and not to be completed until 2011.  So, there is still a lot of work to be done here in New Orleans. 

Tens of thousands in our region still are without power.  It is very hot here right now.  They are reliant upon MRE’s and ice from FEMA.  Power is being restored as fast possible. Many poles are out in the marshes and are highly difficult to restore.  So, please continue to pray for the people of Louisiana. 


Lastly, my thoughts and prayers are with anyone in the path of Ike. 

Much New Orleans Love,
Heather Elizabeth

Please keep New Orleans in your prayers… We can not handle Hurricane Gustav

Monday, August 25th, 2008

I am going to go ahead and post a request for prayers.  Please keep New Orleans in your prayers during this difficult limbo phase with Hurricane Gustav. He is forecasted to make landfall as a Cat 4 Hurricane.  We are not sure where he will be ultimately going, but the whole coast of Louisiana is in his cross hairs.  New Orleans can ill afford a hit from a Cat 2 or higher hurricane.  The Army Corps of Engineers will not complete our 100 year levee protection until 2011!!!  Let me further inform you that 100 year levee protection is only for storms of a Cat 3 or LOWER.  So, New Orleans will not ever be protected from Cat 5 unless someone at the Presidential level deems it important enough.  It can be done. It’s been done in the Netherlands.  Is anyone listening to our pleas for Cat 5 levee protection and wetland restoration???

The Port of New Orleans controls much of the grain, coffee and other imported goods that the United States consumes.  Not to even mention, the oil we have down here! Scroll down the aforementioned link, to read about oil off of coast.  So goes New Orleans, so goes the Nation…

So, in the coming days when I am normally prepping for Christmas and making ornaments and other NOLA goodies for my customers…I have been boxing up as much of life as possible, getting prescriptions for dog filled, gassing up the car and getting on the road with my loved ones.  Trying to remain hopeful, but I know we may end up leaving our beloved city for evacuation. This makes my heart sink.  I am shell shocked by all of this…

All my friends: I will be evacuating tomorrow morning…Please let me know where you have evacuated…and that you are safe.

Please keep the people of NOLA in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days. 

** I will be checking emails and orders online while evacuated, so everyone please stay in touch!!

Much New Orleans Love to all who love NOLA,

Heather Elizabeth