Happy New Year 2009 from New Orleans!!

I want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR from New Orleans! Thanks for all of the wonderful support this year. Just when you think everyone has forgotten about New Orleans, I get orders from as far away as Montana! Thanks for not forgetting about our REBUILD. I also want to thank all of the locals who come out to the art markets to support my business and all of the other local businesses at the art markets. The local artists of New Orleans could not do we what we love for a living without your support.

I was out today shooting some pictures of my beloved city. I want to share some pictures of some of the folks that were out enjoying one of these last days of 2008 in New Orleans. It was a very pretty day and it was great to see so many people out enjoying it. It is especially nice to see so many folks in for the Sugarbowl eating at our wonderful restaurants and shopping on Magazine Street.

I stumbled upon the most wonderful folks in Alcee Fortier Park on Esplanade Avenue. Rene Phillips, a chess instructor who is a former NOPD police officer and SWAT team member was teaching 9 year old, Callan chess. Rene gives private lessons to those that want to learn the art of playing chess.  Callan’s father commissioned the beautful mosaic chess tables for the park featured in the pictures. Rene Philips has a website to learn more about his chess lessons. Please visit http://www.thechessgym.com to learn more about the fascinating game of chess and Rene! Rene is making a great contribution to the city of New Orleans with his work. He just got back home to New Orleans this past June 08 after being relocated when the levees broke on August 29th, 2005. So, come on home everybody…we are waiting for you with open arms.

Much New Orleans love to all and have a safe and prosperous 2009!! New Orleans is getting better every year since Katrina! Thank you!

Heather Elizabeth

Note the chess piece relief on pedestal of table.

Line to eat a poboy at Domilese's!!

Getting the French Bread to Domilese's! Boy, did that trunk smell good when I walked by it!

Line at Casamento's waiting for those famous oysters!

Rene Phillips and Callan playing chess