Bye Bye, Hurricane Gus! I am coming Home to New Orleans!!!

I will be coming home to New Orleans tomorrow! I have been evacuated since Saturday in Monroe and it has been a very stressful evacuation. Gustave threatened the city I love so much and I thought for a couple of days New Orleans might be washed off the map.  A Cat 5 Hurricane brewing in the Gulf with a bulls eye on the Miss River is nothing to laugh at!  We will be home tomorrow and ready to start selling at the art markets again.  Please check my website at and view my SEPTEMBER Art Market schedule.  Come and say HI on September 10th at the Lakeview show…I would love to see all of my old friends…Just a couple of days ago, I thought I might not ever be able to do an art market in New Orleans again…Thank God for the miracle of sparing our beloved city.


Much New Orleans Love,

Heather Elizabeth

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  1. summerkitchen Says:

    Heather – we are so glad that you all are safe and sound! We will be keeping you all in our prayers as you all settle back in!
    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been wearing my necklace and everyone loves it and finds it oh-so-interesting….especially when I tell them of the love letter.
    Wishing you all the best for your upcoming show!!

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