Hurricane Katrina 1 Year Later

Dear Loyal Customers,

I wanted to let you know how New Orleans and her people are doing a year later. Often people outside of N.O. ask me, “How are things going down there?” I really do not even know where to begin with my answer due to its complexity. New Orleans is on her knees. If she was a woman, she would be in critical care and her fate unknown…

Heather Elizabeth Cleaning Family Tomb (Post-Katrina)

Heather Elizabeth Cleaning Family Tomb (Post-Katrina)

The N.O. rebuilding progress has been terribly slow. There are multitudes of reasons behind this slow progress and they are mind boggling. I can only say that the delays have the people of New Orleans hurting. Most New Orleanians want three things: 1. New Orleans to be rebuilt, 2. Category 5 levee protection, and 3. Coastal and Wetland restoration. We know that the Category 5 protection could be built because it was done in the Netherlands. We would like a similar form of protection built here in Southeast LA.

I pray that none of you will ever know the deep pain of dealing with life after a natural disaster. 80% of my city is destroyed. The scope of Katrina’s wrath was biblical. It will take 5-10 years to rebuild the city to its pre-Katrina level. I try to explain the scope of devastation to people who are living out of town this way:

“Imagine standing on a bridge and looking through a drinking straw at the devastation. Then, after a minute take the drinking straw away from your eye. The enormity of the disaster is revealed”.

The very important thing to remember is that the places tourists love to visit in New Orleans are in the remaining 20% of the city not affected as deeply by Katrina. We call it the, “sliver on the river”. The historic French Quarter, Garden District and Marigny neighborhoods are intact and OPEN for business. I encourage each of you to come and visit New Orleans in the near future. We need people to come and eat in our restaurants, walk on our sidewalks and visit our museums. Every sale helps a local business to stay afloat and put food on the table for their families. If you can’t come to New Orleans to visit, please do business online for the upcoming Holiday season. I will include some links at the bottom of this page.

Most importantly, I would like to express my deepest thanks to those that have emailed me or made purchases over this past year. Every sale has been a real blessing. Your mails have provided me comfort and hope when I felt like we have been forgotten. Thank you for not forgetting about New Orleans.

Imagine for a moment if the world around you had been destroyed. That many of your friends had moved away. And the places you vacationed as a child were destroyed. Hold onto that feeling and multiply it by one thousand. That is the feeling that every New Orleanian is still processing a whole year later.

The attached photos are for you to see what NOLA looks like one year later.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers. And, thank you again for support. Links for information on how to support our area are listed below and also on my links page.

Much New Orleans love to all of you,
Heather Elizabeth

Katrina devastation, one year later…

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